'Oi 0T 4 String Tenor Guitar

The tenor guitar is a very interesting instrument tuned in fifths to C G D A and has an incredibly beautiful transparent and open sound. It was one of Ry Cooder's arsenal of instruments - a lot more about tenor guitars can be read at http://tenorguitar.com/.

The 0T has a narrow 1 1/2" nut like an ukulele. With the sculpted body the upper registers of the guitar are easily reached and ring clear a bell with 80/20 bronze strings.

With a 24" scale & 13" width and weighing less than 4#, the 'Oi 0T is easy to handle and offers the unique tenor sound in a compact travel size. The 0T was developed with the same removable and adjustable neck as the ukuleles to be fully serviceable.

The 'Oi Tenor 0 are built with Lutz tops, or redwood for very clear-as-a-bell highs, on a Cherry body. The D'Addario 80/20 Bronze Strings 80/20 bronze strings make them quite spicy.

It can be easily fitted with a K&K Pure pickup for a soaring sound unlike anything else.

Acoustic LIVE Gig $3975

Fully Curved Mango or Fiddleback Walnut Body (shown here in Black Cherry)

Lutz or Redwood Multi Port Soundboard

Mortise & Tenon Adjustable Neck in Walnut

Double Action Truss Rod with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Bars

Compound Radius Repurposed Indian Rosewood Fretboard

Inlaid Edge Markers

D’Addario 80/20 Bronze Strings

Cosmo Black Gotoh Tuners

Black Bone Nuts and Bridges

Compensated and Intonated Saddle

Pinless Thru Bridge String Technology

K&K Duotone Pickup

Hi Quality Hardshell Case, Humidifier and Tuner