'OiUkes Gen III ~ The Ukulele ReImagined

5 String Lo/Hi 17" Scale Tenor Ukulele

Stringing the Tenor with a Lo/Hi combination at the 4th course results in a full octave with a very open sound. While fingerpicking, the low G is prevalent, when strumming the high G becomes more noticeable. Alternating between strumming and picking creates an open, dynamic sound.
It may also be strung Hi/Lo for those preferring a more prevalent recurrent tuning.

This innovation was inspired by Taimane, who uses a double low string for her powerful contemporary sound.

'OiUkes Gen III were redesigned from the ground up to create a more complex voice and resolve common ukulele issues. The most important and critical piece is a removable neck that can be completely serviced off the body and set for the correct action in a matter of minutes. The service port in the back panel is for changing strings, adding K&K transducer pickups and adjusting the bracing if necessary.  These steps ensure an instrument that will last forever with correct care.

Standard Features

Acoustic $2575

Fully Curved Curly or Spalted Satin Maui Mango Body

Mango or Redwood Soundboard

Mortise & Tenon Adjustable Neck in Curly Walnut or Maple

Double Carbon Fiber Truss Bar

Compound Radius Fretboard to Match Neck

Cosmo Black Gotoh Tuners

Worth Fluorocarbon & D’Addario Classical Strings

Black Bone or Buffalo Horn Nuts and Bridges

Compensated and Intonated Saddle

Pinless Thru Bridge String Technology

Maintenance Service Port

LIVE Gig $2660

with K&K Aloha Pickup