'Oi Grand Baritone

The 24" scale Grand Baritone blurs the distinction between the baritone ukulele and tenor guitar in a single aught Mango body with a very tight grain old growth Redwood top.

Normally strung as a standard 4 string, it may also be ordered as a 5 string with a Lo/Hi D combination at the 4th course results in a full octave with a very open sound. While fingerpicking, the low G is prevalent and when strumming the high G becomes more noticeable. Alternating between strumming and picking creates a very interesting dynamic sound. It is a magical instrument for slack key tuned D G B D taro patch.

The Grand Baritone has a 1 1/2" uke nut and with the sculpted body the upper registers of the guitar are easily reached. It is strung with a combination of D'Addario classical wound and Worth fluorocarbon strings.

At 13" wide and less than 4#, it is easy to handle and offers the full sound of a monster baritone uke in a compact travel guitar size. All 0 size instruments feature the same removable and adjustable neck and access port as the ukuleles to be fully serviceable.

It includes a K&K Duotone pickup for a sound unlike anything else.

Acoustic LIVE Gig $3975

Standard Features

Fully Curved Mango or Walnut Body (shown here in Cherry)

Multi Port First Growth Redwood Soundboard

Mortise & Tenon Adjustable Neck in Quartersawn Fiddleback Walnut (shown here in Cherry)

Double Action Truss Rod with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Bars

Compound Radius Fiddleback Maple Fretboard (shown here in Indian Rosewood)

Inlaid Edge Markers

D'Addario & Worth Fluorocarbon Strings E G B D

Optional 5 String hi/lo

Cosmo Black Gotoh Tuners

Black Bone Nuts and Bridges

Compensated and Intonated Saddle

Pinless Thru Bridge String Technology

K&K Duotone Pickup

Access Port

Hi Quality Hardshell Case, Humidifier and Tuner