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Pure Tone

Unparalleled Sustain

Noiseless Signal Change

Fantastic Unplugged Response for Practicing

The Most Technically Advanced Wood HSG You Can Buy

The 'Oi Na Ka 'Oi ( "the best of the best" ) Hawaiian steel guitar family is the outgrowth of an intense study to develop, from scratch with no preconceptions and with the advice of two of the best players in the world, the most advanced and beautiful instrument possible. 

The top and bottom body flitches were cut from a native mango tree I harvested off my land in Honokala, Maui two decades ago.  These are the finest grades culled from over 3500 board feet of lumber; as the wood is irreplaceable, these steel guitars are limited to 20 laps and 30 legged.  They are true collector's items but meant and priced to be played.

Available in 6, 8 & 10 strings, and built to your specifications from a virtually limitless set of options in 10 categories, these instruments are guaranteed for as long as you own them.

Standard Features

Mango flitches laminated to maple core

1¼” thick 7.5# with double truss rods

1:18 Professional ArtFit black medium peg tuning heads

D’Addario balanced nickel strings

Brass nut & intonated brass saddle

10-1, SS, PF1 or TW GeorgeL’s humbucker

Bourns volume control with treble bleed for consistent tone

2 stage (fine or quick) Bourns tone control

Torrified ash marker board

Mother of Pearl inlays

Felt bottom recessed pick & bullet "ashtray"

Felt fiber anti-skid leg pads

Rubber table feet

Conversion varnish finish in "dull rub" (satin) or "medium rub" (semi-gloss)

12mm padded gig bag (lap models)

Custom integral carbon fiber legset

with high strength 2011 aluminum fittings (legged models)


6, 8 or 10 courses

23 or 24 1/4” scale

C6, C13 or specified tuning

Standard or custom string spacing

Standard medium (25#) or light (21#) per string tension

Pole or blade SteelTronics handmade humbucker (+$75)

AA, AAA, AAAA coral & spalted irreplaceable mango grades

Medium (semi-gloss) or dull (satin) rub finish

Lap with padded gig bag or Legged with custom flight case

" I used your lap steels throughout the entire Aloha International Steel Guitar Club convention and found them easy to play and the tone sounded great. The president of the AISGC play on both and he was impressed.  The feel and tone your lap steels were very good.

I’ve been showing your lap steel to almost all my many steel guitar students and all like the "ashtray" for the bar and picks.

I am enjoying the tone and feel of your guitar."

Alan Akaka

Director, Ke Kula Mele & Chairman, HIMELE

Hawaiian Hall of Fame

Virtually unlimited possibilities ~ built to your specifications


The pickup is the heart and soul of an electric guitar, and is the primary determinant of your amplified sound potential.  The "signal chain" includes the tuning machines, nut, strings, saddle, bridge, string to body attachment, pickup, volume and tone controls and jack (plus cable and amp); the 'Oi No Ka 'Oi utilizes the best of each for pure noiseless signal quality.

In addition to the amplified sound, the player hears and feels "near field" tone which is created by the instrument body itself.  With the relatively thin laminated body and dual truss rods, the 'Oi No Ka 'Oi is sprung tightly like a cat and ready to create the most wonderful warm tone surrounding you. You can hear and feel it through your skin, muscles, bones and viscera.

George L's
(Black color is standard)

10-1 (19.5 Ohms): The standard for Alan Akaka and the Hawaiian sound. With an iron blade for warm highs and full bottom. 15 in stock. Also available in creme (3 in stock).

SS (19.5 Ohms): This is the “standard” ‘Oi pickup as the tone can be softened to match the 10-1.  Similar to the 10-1, but with a stainless steel blade adding a nuance of bite. 18 in stock.

PF-I (18.6 Ohms): With an iron blade with mid brightness, it is the sound that Paul Franklin, Jr. demands being a top Nashville steeler. 3 in stock.

TW (18.6 Ohms): the Nashville premier session artist Tommy White mastered his innovative sound with this stainless steel blade pickup offering extended highs. 8 in stock.

(Black color is standard)

SteelTronics pickups are closer in tone to a single coil sound or the GeorgeL’s well known E-66 17.5 ohm pickup to give that bright 60's Buddy Emmons sound.

Steeltronics are custom wound to your specs, either as the BH-10 with blade for up to 10 strings or PH with pole spacing to match your 6, 8 or 10 string. They are custom made to fit into the same footprint as the George L's and can be refitted to any 'Oi in either direction with no body changes.


Any tuning can be accommodated with the right string set; the chart above lists common 'Oi setups. 

The 10 string is particularly adaptable as the 10 common C & A tunings above are possible with only 1/2 step adjustments to half or less of the strings, while half or more remain unchanged.

The 10 string is available only in 23" scale; the 8 and 6 string models are available in 23" or 24.25" scales.  25# per string average is standard, sized to the guitar scale, and although lighter or tenser sets are possible by order.  The tensions ramp slightly from highest on the treble strings to lowest on the bass strings due to their physical response.

There is always an adjustment necessary between the lowest solid and highest wound strings for precise intonation. Thick solid strings have more inharmony, and I generally do not use thicker than an 022 gauge. The break between solid and wound results in a familiar Z pattern that is common on high end handmade guitars (but rarely on lap steels), falling at the A3 string.  This break can be adjusted per your preference for string groupings on some models, for instance in the hi C6 tuning to create either a 4/4 or 3/5 setup.

Limited to 20 laps and 30 legged collector’s instruments. 

"I've really been enjoying your 'Oi lap steel guitar. 

Great harmonic response and tone capabilities."

 Mark Prucha

President, AISGC

The 'Oi No Ka 'Oi Tone Bar

The slide steelers with grip issues or who find a standard bullet awkward have been looking for!

5/8” x 3 ¼” SS Chromed Byrd style Hawaiian bullet nose steel tone bar

Curved top, coved side mango, walnut or cherry ergonomic handle

Stable and easy to hold on to

Symmetrical design for right or left handed

Improve your playing comfort, accuracy and speed

Handmade in Santa Barbara

$40 / $50 with shipping within USA


You'll find all 'Oi instruments to be easy to handle, a pleasure to look at, and resonant to your ears.  Demos of each instrument are on hand to try out; all new instruments are made to order to your specs & choice of woods. Read on through the menu to find your perfect handmade 'Oi instrument, and send 'Oi a note.

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That is preferably is building things from wood by hand.

The 'Oi Acoustic Family


Concert Ukulele


5 String Tenor Ukulele


Baritone Ukulele


Grand Tenor Ukulele


Grand Baritone Ukulele


FC Crossover Guitar


Steel String Guitar


Tenor Guitar

CB5 (Hi C)

Compact Acoustic Bass


Acoustic Bass Guitar


OM Baritone Guitar


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Hawaiian Teardrop Slide Guitar


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Hawaiian 6 String Steel (Electric)


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'Oi Artists


I Fell in Love...

Taimane, who recorded "Elemental" with her 'Oi Baritone uke and has taken it around the world.

I just fell in love 

with the tone of my 

'Oi baritone ukulele.

Andre Feriante

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