Instrument Care

 Low humidity is the #1 killer of wooden instruments.

But with care you can manage it - this redwood 'OiUke spent a month in the Grand Canyon without harm.

The first signs of a dry instrument are sharp or loose fret ends causing a buzzing, which can be easily fixed.

In extreme cases the top can warp or crack in which case the instrument may be dead; better to stay ahead of it.

So take care of your most prized possession! Never, ever, leave it in the sun or trunk of car, near a heat register or preferably not even hanging on the wall unless you live in a climate with the relative humidty above 40%. If you live in a super dry climate, use an ultrasonic humidifier in your house  to keep it at 40-50%, which is also good for your lungs and health. Keep it in the case when not in use, and make sure the included humidifier is always moist. 

Wipe down your strings after every use. Change them when they get blackened by rust or your hand oils. When the strings are off, use 0000 steel wool to clean the fretboard, oil lightly with Tru-Oil and wipe off.  Allow it to dry overnight before restringing.

Use a light instrument polish from time to time to remove fingerprints on the body.