All LIVE|PRO hardware may be purchased individually at the manufacturer’s minimum advertised price listed in [brackets]. Please see the individual instrument pages for instrument package discounts. The pickups listed here may all be easily retrofitted into the current ‘Oi line of instruments through the access panel.

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...the most beautiful experiences...

Michael chapdelaine

"It’s one the most beautiful experiences I know. Someone has spent a lifetime learning how to get the most beautiful sound possible out of an instrument that someone else has spent a lifetime learning how to build those sounds into…and we come together to play what a similar human has done with writing music. And finally, the whole thing merges when fellow music lovers come to hear and see it all. Many good things happen in this life, but none better than this."

People sharing music with others is indeed one of the great pleasures in life.  

Playing live requires amplification gear that is matched in quality, frequency range and sound intention to the instrument.  ‘Oi uses passive pickups from K&K and active from LRBaggs to bring acoustic tone alive, and offers pre-amps and amps for the ultimate in string to speaker sound reproduction.

Ukulele & Instrument Pickups

Aloha Twin [$113]

The Aloha Twin is an internal double-sensor pickup specially designed for the ‘Oi Concert and Tenor Ukuleles. They are great for both fingerpicking and strumming. With two small transducers, it has a strong output signal and works nicely even without a preamp. Please keep in mind when playing without a preamp, the result depends on the quality and type of the amplification equipment: for more tone and feedback control, ‘Oi offers the GigPro external preamp.

Pure Bass4 [$113]

The Pure Bass4 is used on both 4 and 5-string ‘Oi compact acoustic basses, and turns them into a full sized sounding monster. It has two larger transducers than standard, and amplifies the acoustic bass with a warm, natural, and woody tone. It may be used without a preamp, but to achieve high gain before feedback, ‘Oi recommends the GigPro external preamp.

Pure Duotone [$113]

The 2-head transducer Pure Duotone is made especially for the ‘Oi Baritone, Grand Baritone and Tenor guitar, and otherwise operates identically to all the Pure Pickups including the Mini.

Pure Mini [$142]

The Pure Pickup is the K&K signature pickup for acoustic guitars. Installed on the guitar's bridge plate, the 3-head transducer Pure Mini is a great choice for achieving a rich, natural guitar sound - even without a preamp. It has a warm, full-range signal without cluttering up your instrument, adjusting onboard electronics, or having to remember to change the battery.

As with all K&K pickups that ‘Oi installs, the Pure Pickup's position on the bridge plate provides the perfect balance of sound, picking up all the strings without sounding harsh or percussive and "listening" to the sound board to amplify the unique characteristics of your guitar.

For players who want more control over their signal, or need to achieve high gain, ‘Oi offers the GigPro external preamp. Transducers are bass heavy by their nature; the GigPro allows you dial the bass down and treble up a touch for a very natural sound.

Guitar Pickups

iBeam Underbridge Passive Transducer Pickup

+ GigPro Preamp [$228]

The iBeam’s matched pair of virtually weightless film sensors flex with the soundboard to trace your guitar’s voice much like diaphragms in a stereo mic. A key advantage over typical bridge plate sensors is the iBeam’s “cardioid” like response pattern that inhibits feedback and string squeak while selectively admitting rich tone-producing vibrations. Weighing less than 1/3 of an ounce, the pickup does not alter the guitar’s natural acoustics.

The iBeam is great for live gigs and direct studio or home recording. Comparison tests have demonstrated that the fidelity of this system is a great alternative to studio microphones. The iBeam is recommended for all ‘Oi 0 guitars with a GigPro external preamp for low weight, and tone and feedback control.

Lyric Underbridge Tru-Mic [$199]

There's no argument that a microphone is the best way to capture the sound of an acoustic guitar, but until now, using a microphone for most live performances has been an elusive dream due to high probability of feedback and other unwanted noise.

Lyric is the long overdue realization of this dream for both steel and classically strung guitars. Lyric’s internal microphone accurately transports your guitar's actual voice to a live audience for the most realistic and inspiring sound you will ever experience.

The featherweight mic mounts to the underside of the bridge plate with simple peel-and-stick adhesive to preserve the integrity of your instrument. The microphone leverages the “pressure-zone” principle by positioning the capsule just 3mm from the surface of the top to hear the entire soundboard for even balance and tone. The microphone’s proximity to the top allows high gain before feedback and employs noise canceling technology that rejects “boxy” reflections inside of the acoustic chamber. This minor miracle enables the mic to act as if it were outside of the guitar delivering a clear and open performance.

In a studio, you would have to use an entire rack of gear to achieve what LRBaggs built into Lyric’s tiny pre-amp circuit board, creating several “black box” circuit innovations that unlock the potential of the microphone. The first tightens the lower frequencies for a punchier attack with natural dynamics. The second maintains the microphone’s sweetness no matter how hard you play. The third innovation is an adjustable “presence” control that dials high frequency response perfectly for your guitar. Wrap all of this in all discrete, high-fidelity mic pre and you have a world class microphone system as an integral part of your guitar anywhere you plug in. The Lyric is recommended for ‘Oi OM and slide guitars, and does not require a preamp unless you want to go all out for the VoicePrint DI.


GigPro Single Channel Beltclip Preamp [$129]

The LRBaggs GigPro is an all-discrete Class A single channel beltclip preamp that eliminates the need for active electronics on your prized instrument. It makes any acoustic pickup sound better and provides fingertip control right at your side, including the important phase switch that other small preamps don’t have. This is mandatory to be used with the passive iBeam, and suggested for higher volume LIVE performances for K&K pickups.

VoicePrint DI [$399]

Voiceprint DI in our Pro package offers the most authentic, natural sound ever engineered, and is recommended for the touring pro with ‘Oi OM and slide guitar fitted with a Lyric Tru-mic in our Ultimate VP package. It measures the acoustic response of your guitar by leveraging the processing power of your iPhone® to accurately capture your guitar’s one-of-a-kind voice and create a completely accurate Voiceprint of your guitar.  Features include:

  • Master Volume level control;
  • Voice blends your instrument’s custom Voiceprint with your pickup signal for enhanced accuracy;
  • Anti•fb applies your anti-feedback profile for effective feedback control, with a short press for phase inversion;
  • Pad attenuates input by 0dB, -3dB, -6dB, or -9dB to accommodate a wide-range of input levels;
  • 99 instrument presets, mute and next footswitches;
  • Series FX loop (separate jacks for send and return);
  • Ground lift switch, which eliminates ground-loop noise;
  • ¼" input, XLR and ¼" outputs;
  • 9V DC power (must be plugged in);
  • iPhone 6 or iPad Pro1 (Bluetooth 4.2) and later.

Synapse PA

Synapse Personal PA [$1299]

LRBaggs has completed the sound reproduction chain from input to output with their new Synapse Personal PA System. Developed primarily for the singer songwriter and solo acoustic performer, this revolutionary approach to the portable loudspeaker isn’t just visually unique, it will fill a room and impact your audience like no other speaker can.  We have used a pair of these extensively presenting our SBAcoustic concert series (www.sbacoustic.com) in a variety of theatres for solo performers to quintets with up to 300 people, covering all genres of music, and can attest that the sound representation and clarity of the Synapse is unmatched.  'Oi can now provide these in our Ultimate packages.

Included Accessories

[$250 MSRP, included with every guitar]

The best authentic amplification can only reproduce what the guitar sounds like musician plays.  If the sound quality of the instrument or pickup is compromised, amplification will only make that more pronounced.  Maintaining your instrument at true pitch is as big a part as any to achieving great live sound.

Hardcase [$200] & Humidifier [$20]


Dryness is the #1 killer of instruments, resulting in sharp frets at first, then all the way up to an unrepairable cracked top or side. Indoor heating AND cooling or sunlight in a car (as tempting as it may be, NEVER in your trunk) all make your prize suffer. Take care of your instrument by keeping it in the included hardcase and making sure the sponge inside the D’Addario humidifier is always moist, and you won’t have any problems.

SharksTooth & Kodiak [$8/1, $13.50/2]

A lot of attention is paid to fingernail preparation and clean release of strings by fingerstylists.  The thumb is the most difficult for many, and as the “bass player” in your one-man or one-woman band, it is critical for the foundation of your rhythm.

The SharksTooth and Kodiak are great inventions & made right here in California.  The thumbpick is held by a Velcro band, which allows you to use any shape or material pick, as close to the strings as you’d like.  Here's a good look of it in action:

Tuner [$10]

Last put certainly not least, many players get close and then tune to relative pitch – “close enough for folk music”.  But ‘Oi instruments perform notably best when tuned to the exact frequencies, so a digital tuner is included with all instruments to keep you in tune. Start a little high and let it drop into correct pitch - you’ll notice a big difference in the resonance of your ‘Oi. These tuners have proved to be more accurate in side by side tests against other tuners.