'OiLaps Rare Hawaiian Teardrop Slide Guitar

The Hawaiian Guitar in its acoustic version is largely known as a Weissenborn.  The teardrop shape was the rarest of the Weissenborns and has a particularly sweet tone. Although associated with the Waikiki sound of the 50s, it is the root of much of today's music, including jazz, blues and country. Great contemporary players include Ken Emerson, David Lindley, Ben Harper, Ed Gerhard, and the late Bob Brozman.  

It is unique in the guitar world for its "hollow arm" design. Played on the lap with a metal bar in open tuning, they offer a fantastic "in-your-face" sound for the player unlike any other instrument.

The video at the bottom is mostly about the Harp Guitar, which has an even more complex hollow arm design.

'OiLaps offer advanced sound with classic rope binding.

'OiLaps Special Features

Acoustic $3475

Special Collector's Pair with Weissenborn $6000

Redwood Teardrop Top

Rare Spalted Mango Body

Mother of Pearl Inlaid Markers

Rope & Walnut Binding

Phosphor Bronze Strings

Intension String System

Padded Gig Bag, Humidifier and Tuner

LIVE Pro $3650

with LRBaggs Lyric Pickup

LIVE Ultimate $4800

with LRBaggs Lyric Pickup & Synapse PA